Sanderson Group – 54.5p

28 February 2013 – AGM statement

At today’s AGM, the company has reported that it has made a solid start to the current financial year.  In the first four months of the financial year, covering the period to 31 January, both sales and profits are ahead of the same period last year.  Over half of group sales are derived from recurring revenues and these cover almost 70% of group overheads.  The group is continuing to invest in product development and recent moves in the food and drink sector, allowing traceability of products throughout the supply chain is now very topical following the horse meat scare.  The group is also developing a range of mobile solutions which are attracting strong interest from both existing and potentially new customers.  The group is also actively considering acquisitions and a number of small opportunities are being considered.  With further progress on the cards the shares remain a BUY.

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