Cupid – 140.125p

5 March 2013 – final results

A solid set of figures has been announced by Cupid and this should calm investors’ nerves following an unnerving share price fall during the close period.  Revenues increased by 51% to £80.9m (2011: £53.6m) and revenues in New Markets more than doubled to £44.8m (2011: £22.2m).  The reported profit before tax increased by 31% to £9.2m (2011: £7.0m) and diluted adjusted earnings per share jumped from 10.01p to 13.99p.  The cash position was £14.1m at the period end versus £7.8m a year earlier.  A final dividend of 3.0p (2011: 2.25p) has been declared.  There is scope for a strong rebound in the share price in the near term.  BUY.

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