Penny Share Picks

Investing in penny shares has long been a favourite investment strategy for speculators who wish to take advantage of very low share prices.  Although definitions of penny shares differ depending on who you ask, we are going to define them as shares under 25p.  We will look to recommend penny shares from time to time when suitable situations arise.

Anyone investing in this segment of the market should be aware that penny shares are higher risk and that there is often quite a wide spread between the buying and selling price.

600 Group – 13.75

2 September 2021 -  final results The AIM-listed engineering group has released its annual results for the year to 31 March which have come in...

Byotrol – 5p

1 September 2021 - presentation Readers will know that we have been followers of Byotrol for some time.  If you wish to learn more about...