2 March 2011 – final results

Final results from Timeweave were very impressive. Revenue increased to £29.9m (year to 30 November 2009: £26.2m) and profit before tax increased to £7.7m (year to 30 November 2009: £6.9m). The final dividend was raised to 1.6 p per share (year to 30 November 2009: 0.95p per share) making a total dividend payable for the 13 months to 31 December 2010 2.6p per share (12 months to 30 November 2009: 1.7p per share).  The shares therefore yield over 10% and with a strong balance sheet including £31.9m of cash as at 31 December 2010 the shares undoubtedly look GOOD VALUE.