12 June 2019 – final results

Results for the year ended 31 March 2019 have been released.  Turnover increased to £150m (2018: £133m) with an increase in profit before exceptional items and income tax to £15.3m versus £12.0m in the prior year.  Basic earnings per share increased 12.3% to 25.23p (2018: 22.46p) and adjusted earnings per share increased by 26.8% to 28.16p (2018: 22.21p).  An increased final dividend of 11.40p per share takes the total dividend for the year to 14.78p.  A supplementary dividend of 15.00p per share has also been declared.  The order book is said to be sound and schedules remain stable.  In particular demand for commercial vehicles is strong at the moment and it is hoped this trend will continue.  The share price appears to be up with events now and it may be an opportune time to TAKE PROFITS.