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Supermarket Income REIT is no basket case

At the current price, Supermarket Income REIT (92.75p) shares are at their lowest ever level. Given the recent scramble to empty the shelves of supermarkets around the UK this makes little sense and is indicative of highly unusual market conditions. This is a sound business and the shares now provide a yield of just over 6% even on a historic basis. This surely makes the shares attractive to those seeking a relatively safe income stream.

Supermarket Income REIT is a real estate investment trust with a strategy of investing in supermarket properties that form part of the future omnichannel model of grocery. The properties are let to leading UK supermarket operators. The company aims to provide shareholders with attractive, long-dated, secure, inflation-linked, growing income with the potential for capital appreciation over the longer term. It has a target total shareholder return of between 7% and 10% per annum over the medium term. The dividend target for the current year is 5.80p per share, payable in quarterly instalments…